How Your Business can Benefit from Selling on Nedina

How Your Business can Benefit from Selling on Nedina is a new concept that is set to expand Qatar's already bustling retail scene. Although Nedina entry is new, the idea of online shopping is not. What makes Nedina different is its focus on premium quality brands and its flexibility with payments.

It sells products there are made or marketed in Qatar with an emphasis on genuine and recognized brands. Nedina is well suited for all retailers, even the smallest boutique retailers, provided the business has a trade license for its business.

One of the exciting aspects of joining Nedina as a merchant is that you can sell your products on our site and get terrific product exposure, for no start-up costs. Nedina only earns an income from merchants upon the completion of a successful sale. Therefore, there is no risk for the merchant. Additionally, inventories remain in the good hands of the merchant, helping you avoid inventory risks.

Nedina provides fast payment settlement and gives merchants excellent back-end access to track sales and remittances. Furthermore, it is poised to become the outlet of choice for fast movement of you clearance merchandise.

Here’s an 10-point pre-flight checklist you should consider before applying to be a merchant on You may qualify to be a part of Nedina if you answer Yes to the following questions.

  1. Do you have a trade license?
  2. Are your products new?
  3. Are your products branded?
  4. Are your products genuine?
  5. Do you have ample inventory?
  6. Are you selling your products to the general public?
  7. Do your products have ample shelf life? (e.g. – are they not perishables)?
  8. Are you able to sell your products on Nedina at competitive prices?
  9. Are you interested in finding a better way to quickly move your clearance merchandise?
  10. Are you looking for a low-cost way to add another storefront?
If you answered YES to these 10 questions, you may qualify to become a merchant on Qatar’s Online Shopping Mall, Nedina! Simply call us at +974 70073296 or write to [email protected] and speak to one of our friendly Merchant Success Team members, so they can guide you through the process of becoming a part of
There’s a great future ahead in ecommerce in Qatar, and we are excited that you are considering to becoming a part of it. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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