Congratulations on being the First !!!

Congratulations on being the First !!!

Welcome to -- We’re Glad that you’ve Visited Us!
20th January 2019 will go down as a historic day for, as its vision to revolutionize how Qatar shops takes flight. If you’re reading this, it means you are one of the fast adopters of cool technology, or sometimes referred to as the ‘hip’ crowd. Congratulations!

You are part of an ecommerce movement in Qatar that will see further elevate the retail sector of the country. The Nedina website will set a new paradigm in shopping transparency in Qatar. and as other markets worldwide have proven, this will stimulate retail sales, thereby driving the size and importance of Qatar’s retail sector.
When you have the convenience of information in the palm of your hand, you shop with greater confidence. We’ve built on strong, well-tested, technology. And, we’ve innovated the way you pay for your goods. No longer do you have to have a credit card to buy, you can also use cash. Our recent survey of your opinion on our Facebook page indicates that 75% of you are probably rather excited that we’re accepting cash for online orders!

As you visit our site today, we hope you’ll give us feedback on the site and offer suggestions on how we can improve. This is a Soft Launch for Nedina, or as our geeks call it, the Beta Launch. During this time, we will be analyzing all aspects of the use of our site and will be listening for your suggestions, as we make site improvements on-the-fly.

Each time you visit, you can arrive knowing that we’ve added more product lines since your last visit, we’ve taken your suggestions to heart and added many great ideas to our development roadmap and continued to enhance the end-to-end customer journey. After all, is nothing without your support.

We hope 2019 will be as special for you as it will be for us at Happy shopping to you and the whole family. Thank you for being one of our FIRST customers!

Warm Regards,

The Customer Support Team

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