About us

Nedina.com is bringing a new way of shopping to Qatar. Our Shopping Mall on a Smartphone concept has soft-launched on 20th January 2019, providing more than a thousand product options with big name brands. Want to know more about Qatar’s Online Shopping Mall?

Who’s Nedina?

Nedina.com is the ecommerce division of Nedina LLC, the site was built in Qatar by a team of highly experienced ecommerce and marketing professionals. Nedina sells well-known brands across many consumer categories.

What’s Nedina?

Qatar’s first Online Mall. Imagine City Center Mall on your smartphone, open 24x7.

When the Launch?

20th January 2019 marked the Soft Launch of Nedina.com, with a full launch by 1st March 2019.

Where’s the Site From and Where is it Available?

Nedina, 100% made in Qatar. Initially launching with products produced or marketed in Qatar. Initially available on the web for customers in Qatar only. Mobile app to be launched shortly after.

Why did we start Nedina?

There is a great future in ecommerce in Qatar and seek to embolden the company’s ecommerce development and infrastructure, in-line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Nedina.com is unique, as it is Qatar’s first Online Shopping Mall, it accepts payments of Cash, Credit, or Debit Cards for all purchases, and offers competitive pricing across all categories that is similar or better than in stores, and more.

During the soft launch of Nedina.com, it is offering the following product categories for its customers: Car Care, Electronic & Mobiles, Fashion, Footwear, Health & Beauty, Home Appliance, Home Appliances, Sunglasses, Tools & Home Improvement, Travel Accessories

Future phases will see the addition of many more types of products, to be announced

What does Nedina mean?

Medina is a commonly used term in Arabic meaning city market, which we have provided on the Net. Therefore, the name can be interpreted as Net Market – “Nedina.”

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